i’ve been drunk 4 out of five days so far this week.
when will i finally get to vomit?

so my two co-workers and i talked about race relations in the specialty coffee shop world.
we got on top of our work place roof, smoked hookah, and drank bourbon.
one, she’s an artsy white girl with half bleach blonde, half sandy brown hair who can play whatever music she likes.
two, he’s an Arabic black guy w the hitler jugend haircut that’s immensely popular w white baristas, and loves black metal and philosophy.
we finally got to the point that our white co-signers can play the most “black” music ever and it’s okay. but once my Arabic coworker and i are working together behind the counter and we play anything other than the okay indie white music, it’s threatening.
and when it’s threatening, white mothers with white kids (who you were perfectly polite to 100%), decide to leave you a fucking handwritten note (cus they know you’re the type of person who gives ZERO (0) FUCKS about a yelp review) about how ~awkward~ the place is (because every white person in the room is on their 37” mac book air sighing about the internet connection) is not talking to the barista making drinks for everyone is just ~so uncomfortable~ and ~so unwelcoming~ and felt ~so out of place~ that they felt entitled enough to fuck with some one elses’ livelihood (aka living wage) is SO FUCKING FUCKED UP.
I work in a neighborhood that was once 100% black. It was a thriving black neighborhood in the 90s. Since I’ve moved here and worked there, guess how gentrified the place became? within a year, we get white people acting RETARDED on a group bike blasting miley cyrus or whatever and I have to bend over backwards, acting retardedly fake to make these people feel comfortable or else they will write a yelp review about the 2 minute interaction they had with me. despite the fact that sometimes i have to work with a christian white guy who reads books (hard cover, small print) on how to interact with OTHER HUMAN BEINGS (and schedules himself on the days where he can make the most tip $$ cus he’s useless in every other fucking way… brah, have you ever been punched/slapped in the face before?! let me do the honors, PLEASE).
haha ja. thats kyul.
the regulars will tip the shit out for me, but once you get someone who has never interacted with someone that doesn’t mirror themselves, its fucking ~weird~ and they don’t play music that’s what ~they’re used 2~.
anyway, what i’m sayin, most white people are unaware, retarded, christian, and are robots who dunno how to interact w other ppl. BYYY!!!EEE

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I had a vhs tv when I was fifteen (2005) and one month, I only had “Cry-Baby” in it. I would finish half of the movie at night, then pick up “I guess I’m doin time for being young” in the morning before school.
Other movies that were exclusively watched for a month:
“ginger snaps”
“a clockwork orange”
I guess that’s it.

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going back to cali — ll cool j

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To Be Real

Chantal Regnault’s Ballroom Portraits

Chantal Regnault's portraits captured the emerging and vibrant ballroom scene in Harlem, 1989-1992.

FUCKING ART i love <3

RIP Willi Ninja ❤️

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by Kaethe Butcher

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