"Fur" - one of my etchings, hand-colored with gouache and watercolor.

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Shit I drew in 2013 zine.


i have some sort of feeling.
i’m looking thru an old memory card, and one clip is with this friend i had in anchorage, and we were walking to my car, at night, in the snow, from a rave. it gave me intense feelings.. the streetlights, the warm sky, the fat snowflakes…


Ana Teresa Barboza

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Rudy Cremonini - Amygdala (2012)

1. Time Recovered

2. Every Policy and Assignment

3. Interior

4. The Pact

5. Swimming Pool Party

6. The Escape

7. The Barber

8. Study of a Child

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grabbed drinks w a childhood friend (since we were eleven, atleast).
got free beer.
gave my best philosophical pep talk to this completely drunk girl (that i just met) on her bday and cried (silently) with her by the porcelain.
i have mosquito bites, another persons (drunk girl porch) vomit on me, and bruises that i don’t know the origin of.
all in all, a decent saturday.
i guess.
should have been makin art for this art show i’m doing that’s coming up.
my nails are grody and flaking.
i should be eating better.
bleep bloop.

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